Learning From Lord Shiva by Bohra Muslim

Few Learning From Lord Shiva by One Bohra Muslim Nuruddin Sadikot

I am Bohra Muslim, my religion is Islam but I respect every religion. The Lord whose thinking and ethics most touched me is none other than Shiva – People Call them Devo ke Dev Mahadev. I come to about know him while watching series called Devo k Dev Mahadev, I saw full series two times just to understand the deep meaning of his thoughts, and how he sees life. So today on the occasion of Maha Shivratri I am writing a few points we should learn from shiva. As there are lots of management and life lessons you can learn, but these points are most important and cover rest all.

  • Stay Focus – Control Your Mind in every situation and stick to your goal.
  • “न सम्मान का मोह, न अपमान का भय” Sentence from Serial Devo k Dev Mahadev Serial Solved 100% world problems.
  • Third Eye – Try to See Things Differently from another angle.
  • Trishul – Never Misuse your power
  • No Partiality – For Him, all are same, always respect other religion
  • Worldly Desire should not affect you – Control Desire
  • Give Equal importance to Your better half (wife/husband)
  • Dance – You must have one passion and talent in which you are master
  • Be Calm – No one should distract you until its the most important thing to do.
  • No Tolerance – Take a stand against injustice

Nuruddin Sadikot (Hakimi solutions)

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