Learning From Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Learning From Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

1) True Jihad – Always Speak Truth, Overcoming things such as anger, greed, hatred, pride, or malice, Giving up smoking ,drugs, alchohol, Working for social justice, Forgiving someone who has hurt them, Jihad is not a violent concept or War against other religion

2) Share Knowledge – The Prophet directed all to not only gather knowledge, but also to pass it on for wider benefit of the people.

3) Do not Critisize Others – Always remember your own faults before you mention the faults of others. One of the Hardest Thing for current Human Being For me too

4) Loyal in Business – One should be honest in trading or in business.

5) Be Kind, Gentle, Patient and tolerant, Do good always even to those who offended you.

6) Give Charity to the poor and help the needy without expecting any material reward in return

7) Live Simple Life, Always wish good for others, Fair to others

8) Always smile – Even a smile can be charity

9) Treat your neighbors with Kindness.

In short, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the great role model for Entire Human Biegn in every aspect of life. Quran is the book of guidance and he implemented the teachings of Quran in His life for us so that we can learn from His life. May Allah give us the strength to learn and implement His virtues in order to succeed in this life and Hereafter! Ameen

-Nuruddin Sadikot
Some Quote Reference from Quranreading.com Website

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